The Clone Wars - Battle of Geonosis

In this game, you must sign up to be a General of the two armies and you must command your forces against the other team. You might lose a certain amount of troops when you go into war with the other team, which will be deducted from your amount of troops. The first of the two teams to reach a number of 900 will lose to the other team. The number of troops is listed below the name of the variant of the trooper.


After rescuing Padme, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Anikan Skywalker from the arena on Geonosis, the Republic army is thrust into a battle against the hostile inhabitants of Geonosis along with Battle Droids from the Seperatists. Now it is the Clones and Jedi against the Geonosians and Seperatists.




Mace WinduEdit




Commander/Captain RexEdit


Kit FistoEdit


Commander FoxEdit


Foot Soldiers:Edit

Clone PilotEdit

(50, pilots Republic Gunships)

Clone CommanderEdit


Shock TrooperEdit


Clone TrooperEdit




Count DookuEdit


Geonosian GeneralEdit


Foot Soldiers:Edit

Battle DroidEdit


Super Battle DroidEdit


Geonosian WarriorEdit


Geonosian Pilot Edit

(200, is the only troop that can pilot Geonosis Starfighters)

Droideka Edit