If Ninjago and star wars is doing it, why not do one for Marvel comics and movies? I am working on the battle things right now so that should be up in a week or so.

The Avengers:

Iron Man: User:LEGOSpinjitzu

Captain America: User:Darth henry

Thor: User:Jawa Man66

Black Widow: This Hero is available

Hulk: User:Bongo9911

Hawkeye: User:Fright knights

Spider-Man: User:LSCStealthNinja

Luke Cage: This Hero is available

Wolverine: User:Googlydoe

Wasp: This Hero is available

Ant-Man: This Hero is available


Nick Fury: User:Jfishhero

Agent Collson: This Agent is available

Maria Hill: This Agent is available

Agent: This Agent is available

The Sinister Six:

SandMan: This Villain is available

Mysterio: This Villain is available

Kravin: This Villain is available.

The Green Goblin: This Villain is available.