Here you can purchase weapons for your character. You can only buy weapons in the "Neutral" category, or the one corresponding with your character's unit type.

NOTE: Once you buy an "upgraded" weapon in a category, you cannot buy a "downgraded" weapon. Neutral weapons do not affect your "main" weapon, although you can only have one at a time.

Weapons for Purchase:Edit

Unit Type Melee:Edit


  • Basic Sword: (free, default)
  • Short Sword: 1 coin
  • Great Sword: 2 coins
  • Magic Sword: 4 coins
  • Buster Sword: 6 coins
  • Excalibur: 8 coins


  • Jousting Lance: 4 coins
  • Gungnir: 8 coins


  • Throwing axe: 2 coins
  • Heavy axe: 4 coins
  • Heavy silver axe: 6 coins
  • Noihclaf: 8 coins

Unit Type Ranged:Edit

Ranged Archer:Edit

  • Basic Bow with basic arrows: (free default)
  • Wood bow with wood arrows: 1 coin
  • Elm bow with wood arrows: 2 coins
  • Sacred Oak bow with metal arrows: 4 coins
  • Bow of Light with Silver Arrows: 8 coins

Ranged Magic:Edit

  • Basic Staff: (free default)
  • Advanced Staff: 2 coins
  • Expert Staff: 4 coins
  • Staff of the Wizard: 6 coins
  • Sceptre of the Warlock: 6 coins
  • Light Staff: 8 coins
  • Dark Staff: 8 coins

Unit Type Summoner:Edit


  • Basic Rune: (free default)
  • Advanced Rune: 1 coin
  • Enchanted Rune: 2 coins
  • Crafted Rune: 4 coins
  • Rune of the Otherworld: 6 coins

Magic Tomes:Edit

  • Tome of Fire Beasts: 2 coins
  • Tome of Water Beasts: 2 coins
  • Tome of Earth Beasts: 2 coins
  • Tome of Storm Beasts: 2 coins
  • Tome of the Undead: (free default for Death Knight Vorpal, 4 coins for all others)

Neutral Weapons (can be used by all classes):Edit

  • Big Stick: 2 coins
  • Fish: 2 coins
  • Torch: 2 coins
  • Personal catapult: 4 coins
  • Vial of Frog's Poison (one use, increases your roll by one): 6 coins
  • Bomb (one use, causes you to instantly win a duel): 10 coins

Photo GalleryEdit


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